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Shop Management Systems Interface via the Epicor B2B eStore SDK

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  • Epicor B2B eStore Software Development Kit (SDK) provides for a robust set of functionality for the Shop Management System (SMS) Developer.
  • The SDK allows the development team to provide a fully featured interface between the SMS program and the Epicor B2B eStore application.
  • The SDK provides for:
    • Vehicle transfer between the SMS and the Epicor B2B eStore
    • Part type transfer to allow for landing on the correct area of the eCatalog for that part type.
    • Labor rate transfer to allow same-time part and labor lookup.
    • Part selection transfer back to the SMS.
    • Order information back to the SMS to complete the seamless integration.
  • Epicor offers the SMS customer a full eCatalog:
    • Application part lookup.
    • Supplies (non-application) part lookup.
    • Optional labor guide (for a small monthly fee).
    • Cover to Cover information.
    • Full Parts InterChange.
    • Ability to order from electronic Promotions (if provided by the Parts Distributor)