Reliability + Convenience + Efficiency = Internet AutoParts

More than just the sum of the parts


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For Part Distributors:

  • Managed / hosted eStore (cloud-based) – allows a Parts Distributor to get started with the Epicor B2B eStore in no time (almost).
  • Monitored connections to distribution system – ensures uptime for the garage repair shop and proactively notifies the Distributor if there is a connectivity problem.
  • Co-located servers mean nearly 100% uptime – the Epicor B2B eStore and SMS integration infrastructure is managed in two separate locations with immediate failover.
  • Monthly reports – make it easier to manage eCommerce for their site and maximize their value to their Service Dealers.
  • Supplies Catalog – Convenient method of adding non-application parts to the Epicor B2B eStore for Service Dealers to be able to look up and order.
  • Promotions – Provide the Service Dealer with timely “specials” online for a total improved eCommerce solution. 
  • Surveys – Part Distributors can survey their customers and receive feedback from Epicor weekly.
  • Lost Sales Reports – Weekly reports of Lost Sales based on direct feedback from their Service Dealers.



For Shop Management System Companies:

  • Connectivity to a large number of Part Distributors for the Shop Management System customer - the Automotive Service Professionals
  • Technical support regarding implementation of the IAP Software Development Kit.
  • Multiple options available to the SMS company on implementation.
  • An efficient, convenient low cost way to provide an eCatalog to the Service Dealer.
  • An efficient, convenient low cost method to provide a Labor guide to the Service Dealer.
  • Tested and well documented Software Development Kit(s) - implemented in over 30 different products.
    • Classic SMS SDK - used for part inquiry and order from the SMS product
    • ICI SMS SDK - used for eCatalog integration with all of the IAP eStore functionality





For Automotive Service Professionals:

  • Industry’s premier and most complete application catalog means the Service Dealer should always find the part needed for the job.
  • Convenience when looking for the correct part with a minimal of mouse clicks or key strokes.
  • Easy to use and learn - a very intuitive interface.
  • Support for all of the popular browsers:  Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Android, Safari
  • Muliple ways to look up parts - catalog lookup or multiple part search methods
  • You Tube videos available for training new personnel - or check out the Resources tab!
  • Interface to over 50 shop management systems - convenience for the Service Dealer
  • For Support, the Service Dealer should contact their local parts distributor.