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About Us

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Internet AutoParts got its start in 2000.  It was founded to provide an electronic parts ordering interface between part distributors and their professional repair shops or Service Dealers. In April 2012, IAP was purchased by Epicor Software Corp.  

Since then it has seen tremendous and successful growth regardless of the metric used:

  • Total number of Service Dealers registered to use the system - growth chart shown below
  • Total number of inquiries and transactions per day
  • $ volume of electronic transactions
  • # of distributor locations that interface with the Epicor B2B eStore
  • # of SMS companies who integrate with the Epicor B2B eStore

This speaks volumes about the reliability, convenience and overall efficiency of the products and services offered to the Automotive Aftermarket.  Epicor believes that its industrial strength highly scalable infrastructure with extremely high availability makes it the true leader in this market. 

Epicor's experience in the Automotive Aftermarket positions it well to understand all of the nuances of the parts distribution network from single store locations, to multi-location WD’s and how the Automotive Service Professional interacts with this network at all levels. 

In January 2014, the Epicor B2B eStore handled an average of 32,000 electronic orders / day with a daily average transaction value of over $1,750,000.

Registered Service Dealers

Number of Service Dealers Registered since 2002