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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact  Someone will contact you to see if you and your distribution platform system is already supported by IAP.  If so, it is very easy to get setup and takes between 24 and 48 hours once IAP gets the necessary information from you.

Contact  Once the necessary IAP SMS agreement and NDA have been completed, IAP furnishs you with a Software Development Kit.  It is a very simple and straight forward process, and given the large number of SMS companies that have integrated with IAP, it is a very well documented and utilized SDK.

There is a link: that allows you to check your system.  

Internet Explorer 6 or later, Firefox 4, Google Chrome, Safari, and Android 3.0.

see the table below



Internet Explorer thru IE 8

  1. Click the Tools Menu item
  2. Click the Delete Browsing History
  3. Make sure you select:  Temporary Internet Files (note you should leave the Preserve Favorites website data)
  4. Click the Delete button

Internet Explorer 9

  1. Click the gear icon at the top right (under the X)
  2. Choose the F12 Developer tools from the drop down menu
  3. Click on Cache in the toolbar that opens near the bottom
  4. Choose the Clear Browser Cache Option
  5. Choose Yes when asked to confirm


  1. Click the Tools Menu item
  2. Click the Options menu item
  3. Click Advanced
  4. Click the Network tab
  5. Click the Clear Now in the offline storage section

Google Chrome

  1. Click the “wrench” icon to the right of the browser input bar
  2. Click the Clear Browsing Data menu item
  3. Click the “empty the cache” check box, so that it is the only one that is checked
  4. Click the Clear Browsing Data button


  1. Click the “tools” icon that is at the right side of the browser input line
  2. Select the Reset Safari menu item
  3. Click the “Clear History” box.  Make sure it is the only one that is checked.
  4. Click the Reset button



Yes.  On the Find Parts line, click the Change Default link and set the default lookup on that page.  Note, that this setting can be set differently for multiple users within a Service Dealer location.

Mitchell1 5.9 and 6.4, RO Writer, ALLDATA MANAGE, FastTrak, Garage Operator, StockTrac, Lankar, MaxxTraxx Pro, Pace YES Management, Protractor, TABS, TireShop, Counter Control, Winworks, and many others all integrate with IAP   For a complete list, go to SMS Partners

Yes, a Service Dealer can hide the cost temporarily on the Parts List page or the Quote page.  If they always want cost hidden, they can set the Cost Display preference in the My Profile - Preferences Tab.  There are two options for hiding cost.  The first click will hide all cost fields but display the list price.  The second click will display a scrambled code as the cost and still display the list.

Yes, using the Future Sale (or Lost Sales) button (F$) on the Parts List page, service dealers can provide feedback on cost, availability, preference to other brands and write in their own free form comments.  These comments are collected and sent to the Parts Distributor weekly, typically every Friday.

Yes, Service Dealers can choose multiple categories, groups, and parts at a time to look up.  It is very simple and easy, just click all the part categories, groups or part types and then click the Parts List button to see all of the different parts.  Also, in the new version of the software, the Quick Pick list on the bottom right of the screen, mulitple selections can be made from those part types as well.

Yes, Mitchell1’s labor guide is available for Service Dealers.  Contact your part distributor store manager to request the labor guide be added to your eCommerce website.